ERASMUS + E-women

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E-Women-Verktøy for å forbedre muligheter for unge kvinner med minoritetsbakgrunn gjennom sosialt entreprenørskapalt entreprenørskap

Vintage Baby sosiale entreprenører mottok i desember 2018 tilskudd fra Barne og familiedirektoratet. I perioden februar 2019 til februar 2021 er VB prosjekteier i det strategiske partnerskapet E-women innunder ERASMUS+ ordningen.

Formålet med prosjektet er er å utvikle nye verktøy for å bedre arbeidsintegreringen av unge kvinner som migrerer til Europa. Gjennom å skape lengre interaksjonskjeder i integreringsarbeid. På denne siden kan du følge prosjektarbeidet.

I perioden samarbeider vi med partnere i Sverige, Spania og Tyrkia for å nå prosjektmålene.

Pro i Fall (Sverige)
-IES Ramon Llull (Spania)
Fall Dernegi (Tyrkia)

Følg prosjektprosessen

Du kan følge planlagte og iversatte aktiviteter på vårt Trello-board. 


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Productions during the E-women project


Pre-research report. 

The pre research report has been produced as a part of E-women. A Key action 2 project funded by ERASMUS+. The overall project goal of E-women is to develop new methods for integration of young women with immigrant background into the labor market». This pre-research report has been produced as documentation in the process of making a guide for the target group; professionals and voluntaries working to improve integration of young female migrants in the labor market, being the beneficiaries of the project. It is ment for professionals, students and voluntares working within the migration field. 

It contains information about the project fundament, and connects the importance of integration of female migrants  to the SDG.

It also contains a situation description from the 4 partner countries; Norway, Sweden, Turkey and Spain; based on information from relevant stakeholders and interviews made with targetgroup and beneficiaries. 

You can dowload and read the report here: 

preresearchreport (1)

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      Project Summary

«Develop new methods for integration of young women with immigrant background into
the labor market».

Project planning and activites

Follow our current and planned activites on our public Trello board. 

Background: Migration to Europe has given rise to new challenges in the last 50
years and especially after the refugee crisis in 2015. European countries need to translate the skills
that migrants represent; in such a way, that immigration is as sustainable as possible. Women are
particularly vulnerable to marginalization, negative social control and social exclusion from the big
community. This is also important in relation to lasting poverty reduction. Especially when we know
that women’s attitude toward work and education affects children’s attitude towards education and
achievement at school. Therefore, when the mothers succeed, there is also a greater likelihood that
the children will succeed. Target group:There are two target groups in this project. Firstly, the target
group for the intellectual outcome of this project is employees and volunteers in the private, voluntary
and public sector, who have as their mandate or goal to integrate women in the age group 15-30
years of immigrant background in the labor market. Integration towards the labor market ment to
ensure that women qualify for adequate language and work skills. So that they have a greater
opportunity to take work and get a work career. Not depending on social welfare. So the intellectual
outcome of this project will aim to give better and more diverse integration methods for the second
target group of this project; the unemployed women with immigrant background mean women in the
age group 15-30 who have immigrated to the EU and the EEA, with low or unknown education from
countries outside the OECD.